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The idea of privatization comes from the notion that private companies have the ability to take care of what government cannot do. Yet, we see that is really a fallacy. A pipe dream. We see that privatization may not have the people in mind. 

They say the operation of the free market is crucial to promote productive efficiency and foster harmony and peace among the people of the world. Can we really believe that though? With the increase of productivity, we find increased profits, but not increased prosperity. We are seeing rising suicide rates, higher debt to income ratios, and lower life moral. More importantly, the opportunity for high quality, stable jobs have declined. Yet when you listen to conservative news channels, they are eager to boast about the nonexistent unemployment rate.

The reality is that marginalized communities, particularly Black communities, are hit the hardest because of privatization because it allows discrimination to be more discrete. Understanding that white supremacy is alive and well, the people behind these companies have the power to make decisions without accountability that perpetuate disparities and affect generations of marginalized people. All it takes is for a company that get subsidized by the government to have an executive officer that believes Black people are inferior to white people to taint the system. Deny Black people contracts and giving priority to white contractors without any oversight is why we see what we see today. Ultimately is that good for society, and does that live up to the mission of true capitalism?

What we need to understand is that the idea of capitalism that we know of is an American creation. A good, a service created and exported from the U.S. The idea of capitalism was embraced so much that they spread the idea of the free market to every part of the world they had influence in. When others buy into them, some things work, but other (rather most) things fall flat on their face and through the cracks.

The big question is whether more capitalism is better, or is there a point where too much goes too far… If so, who pays for that?

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