The Rugrats Theory

The truth behind the "Rugrats" is the sad struggle between Angelica Pickles' hallucinations and her perception of reality.
Angelica is 9 year old girl with a very traumatic history. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia at an early age, but she also showed very overt symptoms of major depression and mania due to her trauma. She was later diagnosed with having bipolar disorder. As a result, she created the world of the "Rugrats" to cope with the experiences of her personal life. All the characters - except a few - did not actually exist.
Her cousin, Tommy, was a stillborn; Spike snapped on Didi in the backyard, leaving her in critical condition. Stu was forced to put him down with a steak knife and screwdriver. Overcome with the emotion of dealing with his son dying and killing his dog for attacking his wife, he decided to bury Spike in the the exact same spot where he put him down to hide what he had done (this is where the sandbox was supposed to be). Stu eventually withdrew from society and went into a deep depression; constantly works in his basement making toys for the son who never had a chance to live. This is the main place Angelica tends spends most of her time when she is visiting her Aunt and Uncle. Dr. Werner Lipschitz is not actually a doctor, but a guidance counselor that visits them from time to time to make sure they are doing alright.
The DeVilles were a lesbian couple in a domestic partnership. Angelica never understood the concept of homosexuality, and insisted that there had to be a man and a woman. Since Betty was a "dike," she considered her to be the man of the relationship. That soon changed when Betty was brutally raped on her way home from her routine midnight jog. This resulted in her getting pregnant. After finding out she was going to have a baby, Angelica concluded that Betty must be the mother because fathers can’t have babies. The DeVilles eventually had an abortion and Angelica couldn't figure out whether it would have been a boy or a girl, so she envisioned them as identical twins.
Angelica's mom, Cynthia, overdosed from cocaine abuse when Angelica was just a baby. Her father, Drew, (who is a travels alot for business) began abusing prescription drugs to try and cope with his depression after her death. Eventually, he meets a beautiful, young woman, Charlotte, that manipulates him into marrying her after 4 months of dating. She is narcissistic and displays little concern or compassion for others, yet Angelica idolized her because she convinced herself that Charlotte is her real mom. However, she always had a concept of what her real mom, Cynthia, looked like. She used a barbie doll to mirror her birth mother's image - wearing an unwashed orange dress with a grimy hairstyle - which is why she was so attached to it.
Chuckie Finster died in a car accident alongside his mother Melinda; that's why his father Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time. He sunk deeper in denial because he could never accept the fact that Melinda was secretly a prostitute. On a trip to paris to find love, Chaz became infatuated with a pole dancer named Kira (He was originally going to marry a different hooker, but she just wanted him for his money). Kira once had a daughter named Kimi, but the baby was taken from her by social services, and put into foster care because she was constantly having problems with substance abuse. Angelica imagined Kimi from all the stories Kira would tell of her. Upon return to America, Chaz married Kira, and she got her green card. It was a surprisingly happy and romantic story. Kira continually struggled with addiction, but was relatively happy with her new life with Chaz.
However, unborn Tommy's brother, Dil was not fictional, but Angelica couldn’t distinguish between Dil and her creations. Dil didn't follow her commands, and after endless crying and a refusal to disappear like the others did when Angelica was angry with them, she she hit him. After she hit him, he screamed a screeching tune, and Stu ran in and pulled his niece off of his only child, but it was too late. Dil had a brain hemorrhage, which resulted in a deformation. As he grew up, his damage became more evident, and by the time he was 9 in All Grown Up! he lived as an outcast, being ridiculed for his weirdness and retardation. The immense guilt over this is what caused Angelica to stop using drugs, and to un-create the rugrats briefly, until her experience with hallucinogenics. This brought her back to her childhood, thus creating a world in her mind that she obsessed over again. Because of her addictions and her mental state, Angelica was expelled from society, which lead to a break with reality
Suzie was also real and Angelica's only friend, who entertained the thought of Angelica's creations because they seemed to make her happy. She later became a psychologist and teamed up with Nickelodeon to make the Rugrats. When Angelica died of an apparent overdose, Suzie helped arrange her funeral.

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  1. Never heard this version of The Rugrats Theory before, seems like the basic Rugrats theory that's been going around but with even more freaky twists thrown in.