Static Shock

Since I'm a huge fan of static shock I figured I should try doing a full page piece in my large sketchbook today.

Killer Kung Fu Ninja Panda

So I was watching Frank Ocean's swim good music video and I was like whoa he is a kung fu killer ninja panda...hence the killer panda lol I thought it would be cool to try having a semi silhouette with minor tones to accent the kimono and blood on the sword.

Baby wolverine sketch

Decided to enhance a sketch that I did a while ago and use my new phones camera effects. I must say that the EVO LTE is a legit iPhone killer lol since it can turn a pencil drawing into a piece of art

Webcomics without computers

So I am trying to get this whole webcomic thing down and having a no computer is kind of daunting, but I won't give up. Luckily we have a bye week so I have all weekend to master it.

I guess ill start a webcomic

So I was thinking of how to approach this whole comic book thing. Off and on I was debating on just starting a webcomic to not only build up a fan base but showcase my ability to write as well as draw. That was also confirmed by someone asking why I don't just start a webcomic lol. So naturally I think I'm going to take that challenge on. Unfortunately, I am without a computer so it looks like I'm stuck doing things the traditional way. With a sketchbook, ink pens, colored pencils, and a smartphone.

Sorry for the wait.

So for all my followers out there that wondered what happened to me over the past month. No I did not forget about you. I've just been tied up with preparing for my first game, dealing with a broken computer, and trying to get a new phone among other things. Fortunately, I still do keep my sketch book on me. I got the new EVO 4g LTE for sprint and I'm loving it. Way better than the iphone 4, 4s, 5g, 7p, whatever... It is by far the best out. Like I was saying earlier, had a good first game taking down #13 ranked Wisconsin. Had a solo tackle on Montee Ball, and broke up a pass from a Tight End that had me by 5 inches and 40+ pounds. In the midst of all that I added just about ten pages to my sketchbook since my last post. So keep coming back to see what I came up with over my time. Follow me on instagram @stuck_ona_eyelnd to see my WIP.