[poem] Usage

2:00 pm
May 9, 2012
Listening to "Used to be" by Meek Mill

"Something I came up with while listening to Meek Mill's song "Used to be" off his dreamcatcher's 2 mixtape. I feel this can relate personally."

I used to being used to,
I used to being used too,
Thinking why I used you,
Why I didn’t use you?
I used to cry in the dirt
Thinking about, “why did it hurt”
I should have lied until you hurt
But I want to fly to the heaven
When is my time going to come?
I’m used to being used to
Because I got used to
Use to being used too
I used to grind in the dirt
I used to cry because it hurt
Then I would cry from your dirt
Now I wish he hits you where it hurt
So that you could feel used to.

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