What is "Stuck On An Eyeland?"

This story takes place on the island of Taviti. It is a small island in the Pacific Ocean that lies between the islands of Hawaii and Japan. The inhabitants are like that of any other island that is occupied by a first world country. They are upset they were unjustly taken over, but fortunate to have the luxury of modern technology.  Taviti is the epitome of modern day paradise. Yet, the idea of paradise is not reality.
The story is focused on the trials and tribulations of T.J., an African American 12 year old boy, that escapes from his hometown of Sacramento, California to what he thought was paradise.  He later finds realizes that his new home is plagued with the same problems that he tried to escape from.  Instead of trying to escape a second time, he decides to suppress his anguish and deal with the problems head on.

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