My Life's Philosophy

My passions are described by what I call the “Three A’s.” Those include: Academics, Athletics, and Arts.  They are all of equal importance to me. I developed this philosophy because I had to find some way to overcome the adversity in my life. In the end it proved to be beneficial because it worked for me and my situation specifically. 
Following the Three A’s allows me to combine all my talents into everything I do. I pride myself on being a creative person. I have good mental imagery, knowledge on a wide range of topics, not afraid to be different, value my independence, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. So having all three of these aspects in my life, I not only stay physically active and in tip top shape, but I also am mentally prepared for whatever come my way. It allows me to be a great problem-solver because I have the knowledge to approach a task, the discipline to follow the necessary step to complete it, the determination to finish it, and the creativity to make it look nice and feel unique. 

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