My Artistic Philosophy

“Arts” represents my creative side. I love art, music, comic books, pretty much everything that allows me to think “outside of the box.” I feel that being creative is a very valuable asset because it provides solutions to many problems that were never thought of before. All great minds are creative minds, such as people like Steve Jobs, who try to fix the problems that they have. When traditional problem-solving techniques fail, the average person doesn’t really know what to do and they will usually ask someone else for help. Yet, for great minds, when problem-solving fails their creativity fosters, and they come up with unrelated ideas that end up working.  This has helped me get through the problems I have because it provides an escape. I can express myself and channel all my energy into something the yields a message.  Through that message or process of creating a piece of artwork, I usually find the answer to the problem. In some ways, it is a therapeutic way to come to terms with my situation.

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