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"No More Trust" is now in production!

After countless hours of idea making, script writing, and story boarding, I finally am ready to move out of the pre-production phase and into the production of the music video.  This is going to be a grueling process, yet I hope the finished product will be as good as it was in my head.  stay tuned for character bios, back stories, and other art work as this process gets started.

No More Groping Draft [comic]

Here is a strip I wrote in response to a question I thought off: How would football change if big named players openly admitted to be gay?
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The Right to Help [comic]

Here is a comic that I made in response to the registration act found in the Marvel Comic Event: Civil War.
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Wertham's War pt. 1 [comic]

Here is one of my first drafts of a short comic on the influence of Frederic Wertham on the Comic book industry.
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Hello all I am currently working on some nice new projects that you may like.  Some of which includes animations, graphic art, and comic strips. Time to get this all started.