How To Make A Mortal Kombat Costume: Noob Saibot

Here is a quick little tutorial on how I made my Halloween 2011 Costume
Hope You like it

Stuck on an Eyeland Intro Video is up

Just Finished working on my first intro video for the website. First time using After Effects.

The Journey Begins!!!

After months of work and many revisions I present to you the first page of the journey

The book is started!

After months of research, practice, brainstorming,  and meditation i have officially started drawing out and writing my novel.  Stay tuned and follow the process as i create it.

Online Store

Click here to purchase any of the art, sketches, and comic work that you see on this site and that I made:

Graphic Novel Update Week 4

I have made great progress with the art concepts and the story lines all together. I am still debating on whether I should have an ongoing comic strip as well as a graphic novel or just tie everything into the novel.  It's really are to make a decision because most of my stuff are side stories to the main plot.  Good thing is that many of the events that happen seem to connect in some way as i try to put things together. I will start uploading some of the rough concepts for the story soon. PS, if you did not know, I just got a new graphics tablet from the Apple store in Waikiki for $80. Took me a while to get used to it, but it is working well now. as you can see above. I am starting to fine tune everything that I have for the grueling process of making this thing work. I am at 23 pages and 76 separate scenes right now.

Art studio is complete

After months of searching for supplies and ideas I finally got all my stuff. A wacom drawing tablet, non photo blue color pencils, bristol paper smooth, scanner, and ink pens . Time to start my work now.

A Jump in Time- Part 1 [comic]

There is the first comic strip released for the series.  Took a while to color and draw out. hope you like it. Comment and let me know what ideas to add to new releases. thnx
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now on comicfury!

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"No More Trust" is now in production!

After countless hours of idea making, script writing, and story boarding, I finally am ready to move out of the pre-production phase and into the production of the music video.  This is going to be a grueling process, yet I hope the finished product will be as good as it was in my head.  stay tuned for character bios, back stories, and other art work as this process gets started.

No More Groping Draft [comic]

Here is a strip I wrote in response to a question I thought off: How would football change if big named players openly admitted to be gay?
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The Right to Help [comic]

Here is a comic that I made in response to the registration act found in the Marvel Comic Event: Civil War.
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Wertham's War pt. 1 [comic]

Here is one of my first drafts of a short comic on the influence of Frederic Wertham on the Comic book industry.
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Hello all I am currently working on some nice new projects that you may like.  Some of which includes animations, graphic art, and comic strips. Time to get this all started.

Gender Nonconformity in the Media

Sexual NonConformity in the Media reflects the social acceptance over time. As homosexuality and nonconforming roles are shown more frequently in TV, Magazines, Books, etc, the general public view has become more posiive


John DeLamater points out that based on the Davenport study of 1977 “the potential for sexual behavior is provided by human biology, cross-cultural research has made it clear that sociocultural factors determine how that potential is expressed. Thus, Each society constrains ‘ the age, gender, legal, and kin relationships between sexual actors, as well as setting limits on the sites of behavior and the connections between organs.”

Times have Changed
From 1972 to 1991, based on the General Social Survey 70 percent of the US adult population thought homosexuality was a cancer to Western Society – viewing it as “a sin, a disease, or an aberration.” (Laumann, 284) Yet over the past 25 years homosexuality has become increasingly legitimate in the public eye due the growing political movement of LGBT community.

In a study done about trends in homosexuality and prostitution view in society (World Values Survey of March 2010), Will Wilkinson notes that society has become more liberal and permissive. He adds that "In the space of about 25 years, the proportion of the population in all these countries saying homosexuality is never justifiable drops precipitously."
There is a strong correlation between what is portrayed in the media and how many nonconforming beliefs have changed. Wilkinson points out that "there has been an ongoing, effectively carried-out campaign to de-stigmatize/normalize homosexuality," signifying that as efforts are becoming increasingly successful over time.

The Negative Side

Technology although it has advanced the acceptance of nonconforming behavior, not all aspects of society view these behaviors as a social norm. Based on the video above, which discuss a teen age boy intending on blackmailing 30 or so fellow peers after asking them to send him naked pictures of themselves.

The Brighter Side

"When the National Broadcasting Company first began to air Will & Grace in 1998, gay rights advocates and media critics applauded the program for its positive portrayal of two gay men with very different personalities (Battles & Hilton-Morrow, 2002, pp. 87-89). The show features four main characters living in Manhattan. The title characters are Will Truman, a gay attorney, and his best friend Grace Adler, a heterosexual interior decorator. They are often joined by Jack McFarland,a “flamboyantly gay, continually unemployed, self-described actor/dancer/ choreographer,” and Karen Walker, a wealthy, married “socialite and alcoholic” who works for Grace (Battles & Hilton- Morrow, 2002, p. 88). The show has been very successful and has won critical praise and numerous awards. By spring 2001, Will & Grace was being watched by an average of 17.3 million viewers each week (Cagle, 2002); in 2002, the series entered syndication and now can be viewed daily in most media markets." (Schiappa, 1)

Black is In
The trend of nonconfomity in the media has particularly changed as a result of celebrity images. Looking at artists such as Adam Lambert and uncanny, pop sensation Lady Gaga, We can see that the success of popular artists translates to how we view those who try to emulate them.
"The Gaga Effect"

"Gay in Hip-Hop"
"If rap was sex, I'll be GAY"

Known as being the most anti-gay culture in the music industry, Hip-hop has slowly began to accept the changes that are occurring in society. There are parallels being drawn to discrimination of blacks in America, which is a main motivation in the rise of hip-hop in America.

Rockin' Skinny Jeans

The Jerkin' movement is another example of how hip-hop has evolved from a anti-homo, masculine form of art to a more opened minded approach. Going from dark colored baggy jeans and air force ones to "bubble gum" vans and checkered skinny jeans, the apparel and image of the newer generation of hip-hop is synonymous for reflecting how times have changed.

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Live Action: Pokémon Apokélypse

Here a somewhat dated trailer I found of a live action Pokemon film. Although we might not see it coming to full length format anytime soon, this is a good idea to approach the more real world aspects of it. Growing up when Pokemon was at it's prime, I would like to see a darker story line to a fan favorite. Similar in approach to how they did Transformers.

When Street Fighter Meets Pokemon...

I just came across this new user created game that has been circulating across the internet for the past month. Those of you who grew up on Pokemon and never left Street fighter will be very pleased. "Turn-based battles and tiny sprites are for children. Those who grew up on Pokémon and are now a little more, well, grown up, deserve something more violent." This shows how interactive pokemon battles would be. Reminds me of how revolutionary kindgom hearts was for the Final Fantasy lovers. Getting rid of the turn based battles and have active combat. For more info, look below.

Download Link

Man vs. Nature: the Roles they play in Sex and Gender Identity

what role anatomy has in “defining” gender and/or sex. What about gender identity?
Anatomy, to humans, plays a big role in defining a gender or sex. Just like everything else considered in society. Life is about passing certain tests. You can’t pass the test of being a woman if you have a penis. Yet when gender and sex are3 concerned, it is not black and white. Everything cannot be based off of appearance. That has been apparent when women that are born sterile and men that develop breasts arouse. Does that make them less of a man? Or do the guidelines of being a man or woman change. I recall, seeing information about the “Anti-Sissy” Boy Therapy ( A young boy was forced by his parents to undergo intense gender conformation treatment. Ultimately, the boy felt like he wasn’t who he was forced to be, and that society didn’t accept who he naturally was, so he committed suicide.
The topics of gender and sex are more than skin deep. They are hormones, chromosomes; it is a combination of factors that make up our overall existence. A good example is a very macho man who is attracted to men, and a very sissy man who is attracted to only women. The dynamics are so complex that humans have a hard time understanding it and relating to it.
From an anatomical aspect, in men, “the testes secrete androgens” and in women “ovaries secrete estrogens”. What if a man has a condition to cause him to secrete little to no androgens…Then that is going to affect how he looks and acts in the future. With the focus on disorders, whether they are physical or mental, considering sex and gender have to be up in the air.
I recall from the movie in class, a man didn’t feel like he was a man, so he had “work done” to make his outside appearance match how he saw himself. He described as a little boy wanting to wear his sister’s clothes, putting on makeup, and jewelry. One can argue that when kids are younger they are gullible to their environment. If you are always around women, you will have tendencies to do the same things women do. It ultimately becomes a fantasy because the mandates that separate men and women in society view it as taboo. The problem would be whether people can separate the reality from the fantasy. On the other hand, does that mean that he is now a “she”, or is he just “confused”, a “freak”, “transformer”, etc.
When considering what is female. If a guy likes to dress up and wear makeup, is he more female than a tom boy? Especially if a post op male and a natural born female are concerned. I feel that society, which has a lot of influence from tradition and religion, has setup guidelines that every male and female are expected to comply with. This is so that they are deemed normal citizen. We are expected to see things as black and white when they are supposed to be a multitude of colors. “Biology [Nature] likes variation, Society hates it.”

DMC Reboot: New face to a familiar character

After watching the two latest trailers for DMC: Devil May Cry (seen below), I have become more of a fan.  At first, I felt like there was no way a new Dante could ever replace the old.  Why would Capcom allow that? But after looking at the previews they gave us, I grew more fond of the idea. "Dante needed to be Different." And now i see where they are going with it. We've seen a more comical and flashy approach to Dante that captures his free will and youth, but It takes away from the demonic setting of the story.  With the new approach, Capcom is clearly trying to unlock more potential out of the franchise by taking a grittier, darker route.  Of course you can't leave out the multitude of weapons and endless combos.  There are very few times where you want the wierd emo kids from school to actually look and act the part (doing what they do best), in this is one of those times.

"Anti-Sissy" Therapy still relevant today?

There has been an ongoing battle in regards to changing potential gay young boys into socially acceptable young men.  Western society does not accept homosexuality, or anything along those lines. That is a fact. That branches off in to pop culture, politics, religion, etc.  The average American does not see themselves as "gay-bashers" but they also do not think of them in the light of day as well. The question is, what defines a man? If a man veers away from the stereotype society puts on them, is it up to society to repair them? Are they less of a man?

Take a look at theses videos below and let me know how you think:

Mortal Kombat: DLC Characters, Costumes, and Fatalites!!!!!!

The Rise of "Reality" Sites...Do we really need them? Or does your life just suck?

Over the years, certain websites have became widely know for what their title's might say.  For example, {} has been gaining popularity by giving people the opportunity to  post the most awkward and embarrassing things that they have experienced on a daily basis.  This is probably one of the better benefits of technology because not only does it provide people with comic relief  in times of stress {"Damn, that sucks for them"}, but it also give people comfort.  There's no better feeling than to know that you are not alone, and that there are people in the world, no matter where they are, that are going through the same things you are going through. The best thing is to find those site and check them out. Feel free to post ones that you have come across:

Welcome...Post 1 of many

Based off Satoshi Kanazawa's Findings, black women are supposed to be less attractive than white women...Welcome Readers to Stuck on an Eye-land. The focus is on the way we see things and how different we feel we are in those views.