Time flies like starships

Final night of camp staying in the dorms. Before I knew it things happened and now its almost over. Now I'm sitting down thinking "whoa it's crazy how things just fly by over time." I'm just a spectator watching life on the big screen.


  1. Man, you should really start a web comic. I know you are tied up in football, and classes, but really there's a lot of money to be made in web traffic.

    1. thnx man i was actually thinking about it since it could help build a fan base but i think ill give it a shot

    2. Let me preface this by saying, I know jack about web comics other than reading them. But! I do know quite a bit about traffic, ad placement, and generally how to make money on the internet. I own a site that generates about 45k visits per day. Anyways, if you need a couple tips or have a couple questions feel free to email me .. DaveClark at portforward.com