My Athletic Philosophy

“Athletics” represents my love for all kinds of sports: basketball, baseball, football, skateboarding, snowboarding, breakdancing, parkour, etc. I enjoy being outside and staying active. I am a Division 1 College Athlete for Football.  If I would have stayed with baseball, there was a possibility to get drafted.  Athletics has aided me in many areas of life. It has allowed me to gain acceptance and popularity. More importantly, it has taught me self-determination, persistence, the value of teamwork, and the discipline to stay focused on a goal. Every season is different from the last, but the goal is still the same: to become the best. To be able to achieve that goal in the midst of other priorities take the qualities that I described above. A person would never have those kinds of qualities or experiences, unless he or she was put in a situation where they had to develop them. I feel that they are the same competitive qualities that allow people to become successful and influential people in society. I have many friends that quite my sports teams because they did not have those qualities. So that tells me that it is something you must work at to achieve. The Sacramento Bee, my hometown newspaper, published a story about me entitled, “The Complete Package.” It described the trials I went through because of the declining participation of others in football, yet I was still able to keep everything together and get a scholarship.

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