DMC Reboot: New face to a familiar character

After watching the two latest trailers for DMC: Devil May Cry (seen below), I have become more of a fan.  At first, I felt like there was no way a new Dante could ever replace the old.  Why would Capcom allow that? But after looking at the previews they gave us, I grew more fond of the idea. "Dante needed to be Different." And now i see where they are going with it. We've seen a more comical and flashy approach to Dante that captures his free will and youth, but It takes away from the demonic setting of the story.  With the new approach, Capcom is clearly trying to unlock more potential out of the franchise by taking a grittier, darker route.  Of course you can't leave out the multitude of weapons and endless combos.  There are very few times where you want the wierd emo kids from school to actually look and act the part (doing what they do best), in this is one of those times.

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